October 30, 2005

A Day With the Prophets: Fr. Dan Berrigan, Kathy Kelly, Bishop Botean and ex-Abu Ghraib Interrogator Joshua Casteel

I spent all day yesterday at the Catholic Peace Fellowhips' Day With the Prophets retreat. What a great experience. I feel rejuvenated. The focus was on the prophets Ezekiel, Isaiah, St. John the Baptist and Jeremiah. Speakers included Kathy Kelly (founder of Voices in the Wilderness), Fr. Dan Berrigan (of Catonsville Nine fame), Bishop John Michael Botean of the Romanian Catholic Church in North Canton, OH who made headlines for telling his parishoners that participating in an unjust war such as Iraq would be a mortal sin. Also speaking was Joshua Casteel, a former Abu Ghraib interrogator and now playwright enrolled in Iowa's famed Writer's Workshop.

It was an amazing time. More later.

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The new issue of Image is out

The long-awaited Fall issue of Image: Art, Faith, Mystery is out and yours truly has an essay in it. The piece is a chapter from my forthcoming book, A Good War is Hard to Find. Visit Image's website at www.imagejournal.org