February 25, 2005

If You Were a Torture Method What Would You Be?

Just found a site this morning which asks:

"If you were a torture method (or an inquisitor/executioner), which do you think you'd use? The Rack? The Iron Maiden? The Pear?" http://selectsmart.com/FREE/select.php?client=torture_devices

The site asks you to answer a series of questions about your disposition and the way you channel your anger. "Do you torture inanimate objects when you're angry?" "Are you a pyro?" "Do you want to throw your enemies off something high?"

It seems like it's a silly I've-got-nothin-better-to-do-at-work-today project or the creation of some sly Psychology or Sociology PhD cadidate. Based on your answers to these questions, the program determines which torture method your are most like.

But the more frightening thing is an adjacent animated ad of a ski-masked, black-uniformed soldier with an assault rifle stalking around in the desert. The ad reads: "Shoot the enemy and win a free I-Pod." When you drag the mouse pointer over the window a red crosshairs appears.

I'm waiting for I-Pods to come down a little in price.



PS In March of 2004 a twenty-something Memphis woman bludgeoned her boyfriend to death with her I-Pod after he allegedly erased the contents of the device. When police arrived she complained that it had taken her 3 months to build up her collection.

See the story here http://www.liquidgeneration.com/rumormill/ipod_killing.html

PPS I'm also reminded of the film Back to the Future when Michael J Fox uses a Walkman cued to a Heavy Metal guitar solo, turned up to 11, to blast the eardrums of his sleeping father in order to convince him that he is a menacing alien.


Aunt Suzanne said...

Scary stuff. I expect to see more and more sites like this based on the kind of people running our country now (see your 2/23 report). They're clearly okay with violence, torture, etc., as long as it's used for the "right" reasons, against the "right" people. Makes me sick.

Amanda said...

Hey Dave,

Congrats on your book. I thought I might add this "conversation" I found on Slate.com. http://fray.slate.msn.com/?id=3936&m=13496607

However, I'd have to say that I find the iPod bludgeoning story to be even more disturbing than this misanthropist and his ideas on this Slate thread. My god!

Take care!
Amanda A.