December 04, 2006

Job Search Driving Me Crazy

Don't want to name names (that would be unethical), but this job hunting stuff is making me paranoid.  I keep having dreams that my cover letters all have typos and that I sent the wrong letters of recommendation to the wrong school, etc. ect. etc.

My wife is feeling it too.  We were driving in the car today and she said, "I just had an image pop into my head of a sandwich being cut with a pair of scissors."

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Karl said...


I met you briefly at the St. Mary's reading on Halloween (I'm Lily's partner)... Just finished your book this morning.

I enjoyed it- something thats going to have to rattle around in my head for while. I remember mentioning that I'm doing a self-directed masters program focusing on the internalization of hierarchy and the effect of 9-11 on social movements. I've been in a pretty hardcore 'social science' mindset and really appreciated the 'voice' of your book and its approach to many similar issues I have been concentrating on.

If you are interested/have the time, I'd like the chance to catch up sometime for a chat.

Here's a link to a book that I read recently that I think resonates (albeit from a very different perspective) with AGWIHTF. There's a particular section analyzing the (for lack of better word) role of art/literature that you might appreciate.

karl hardy/
karl_j_hardy (at)