February 02, 2007

South Bend Trib reports on National (and local) media attention garnered by Manhole Murders

I had a pleasant surprise yesterday when South Bend Tribune reporter Alicia Gallegos showed up at our apartment to ask me a few questions about my interest in the murder of four homeless men mere blocks away. She had read this blog and after a bit of driving around, she spotted the green awning that I mention in my post about the murders. She guessed at which doorbell to ring and got it on the first try. Despite attempts by my 13 month-old daughter to rip the pen from Alicia's hands while taking notes, we had a nice chat about the ongoing case.

Click on the title of this post to read Alicia's Tribune article.

About the photo: This is the photo that accompanied the story on the South Bend Tribune's Web site. It is of the New York Time's photographer walking near the train tracks where the men were found. Post-Modern anyone?

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Anonymous said...

hello, my name is melinda i am jason coates cousin we are glad to hear that and arrest has been mad in my cousin murder he was layed to rest in kansas this past tue, jan 30.i found you thru the south bend tribune article.