May 29, 2007

Are the Restrictions on War Journalists Doing Us a Disfavor

Check out this op-ed by David Carr in the NY Times. Not sure that I can agree 100% with his thesis, but it's a provocative piece.

One corrective I'll point out immediately is that Carr sites Matthew Brady as one of the pioneers of war journalism, but neglects to point out that Brady came along after the battle was over and took photos of the fallen, often having his aides move the bodies to create more dramatic poses.

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Jonathon said...

I had no idea that Matthew Brady was that irreverent. I had, to this point, considered him as pioneering as Carr had. It isn't that my opinion necessary changes; just that now it has an asterisk next to it. It seems strange, in light of your book, how numb to death Brady was 140 years ago; how much more dramatic and grisly he felt the Civil War needed to be to garner attention.