March 06, 2008

Up in Michigan

So I did a reading at Hope College in Holland, Michigan two weeks ago with Lewis "Buddy" Nordan, my mentor from grad school. Here are pictures of the marquee outside the theater where we read. We learned just before taking the stage that Harry Houdini once performed on the very same stage.

If you don't know Buddy's work, please please please do yourself a huge favor and pick some up. His novels Sharpshooter Blues and Wolf Whistle are devastatingly funny and tragic, and his short stories Sugar Among the Freaks and Music of the Swamp are necessary reading if you consider yourself an connoisseur of the short story. Those of you into memoir should read his genre-bending book Boy with Loaded Gun.

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dixiedawn said...

appreciate the recommendation. especially now feeling "the short story is dead" like recent reports* seem to indicate.

* several litblogs at least, like all these links here seem to imply.